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Exoplanet books

Exoplanet books

In August 2007 a book was printed, it was a milestone in Exoplanet observing because it was directed to the amateur astronomer.

This book was also release in PDF format with a free download, it still is free and available.

If you want to have a paperback you can get one from amazon.

At that time amateurs were getting active in exoplanet follow-up and an archive AXA was also started, it was the first archive where amateurs could upload their LC's for pro's to find them and used them in their paper's.

I'm proud to have all three editions on paperback sign by the author, my dear friend Bruce Gary, the one that introduced me to the fantastic world of exoplanet discoveries.

Thanks BRUCE.


Since then a lot of amateurs had the chance to improve their skills based on the tips from this awesome book.

I also speak for myself when I started in 2006 making my first detections of known exoplanets, I have come a long way since then and from time to time I like to open the book and read just where it opened.


Joao Gregorio