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2001 HL30

2001 HL30

Found this asteroid in need of observations

Object designation         R.A.      Decl.     V       Offsets     Motion/hr   Orbit  Further observations?
                           h  m  s     °  '  "        R.A.   Decl.  R.A.  Decl.        Comment (Elong/Decl/V at date 1)

         2001 HL30       19 39 26.0 +30 52 51  19.3   0.0E   2.5N     0-    59-    4o  Very desirable between 2018 Aug. 9-Sept. 8.  (128.9,+27.5,19.3)

The object was in Cyg at a nice elevation.

Captured 6x images with 180s exposure in Clear filter on the C14/ST-10XME

Found the ~mag 19 asteroid was off from the predicted position and in need to update the orbital elements.

See the top image, there is a red square where it is suposed to be and a magenta circle with the detcted position.

Bellow is an image from astrometrica

Here is an animation of a set of 4 images. The object was moving fast at 1"/min.

I made some followup observations on the 13th and 14th AUG, see bellow.

Bellow there is a stack of 8 images from the 14th AUG

By stacking on the asteroid position and speed we condense the asteroid flux and trail the stars.

Joao Gregorio