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Asteroid (56439) 2000 GD52 & company

Asteroid (56439) 2000 GD52 & company

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Asteroid (56439) 2000 GD52 observed on the 27th October 2017.

It was discovered in April 5th 2000 by LINEAR.

Above we see its position against the predited position (red sqare) in Astrometrica.

This is an easy target because of its ~16mag.

Below a small animation showing it's movement in ColITec.

Below we can see the trail left by the asteroid 56438 and it's close by companion 47782 ~18.8mag.

Strars trail diagonal and asteroids trail vertical.


Asteroid (47782) 2000 EL18

Discovered also in April 5th 2000.

Almost on it's predicted position, only a tenth of an arcsec in both RA & Dec.

Blick check of two images revealing it's motion.


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