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Comet C/2017 L2 (Panstarrs)

Comet C/2017 L2 (Panstarrs)

Well, this observation goes against my rule to do this type of objects only around the New Moon. It's Full Moon I'm testing the result without guiding and this comet is relatively bright at mag 15.

The setup was the usual, the resolution is 0.66arcsec per pixel. The observation consists of 300s exposures x23 images unguided @2125mm focal length.

Above a short 7 frames animation while the comet was walking on the head of DRACO showing it's rounded coma.

I'm pleased with the result of the test. 5min exposures are a nice test, specially at this resolution.

Below a 20 frames animation of the comet path.

After stacking in astrometrica I could verify the comet's position was dead on.

Joao Gregorio