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Supernova in M 61 ( sn2020jfo )

Supernova in M 61 ( sn2020jfo )

Situated in the Virgo constellation the galaxy M 61 is the location for this type II supernova sn 2020jfo. This is a prolific galaxy concerning supernovae events.
Since a century ago it has given us 8 supernovae explosions. You can see below some of the more recent ones marked on the image

The credit for it's discovery goes to ZTF survey situated at the Palomar observatory using the Samuel Oshin 48inch Schmidt telescope.

I did two observations, one on the 17th and the other on the 18th with the aim do photometry. In the 18th I used a sloan g' filter so I could use the Gaia DR2 Gp magnitudes to do the measurements.

Below we have a finder of the stars I used and their magnitudes from Gaia DR2.

If you want to know other stars to use in photometry in R & B Bessel, there is an image from the Odd Trondal.

Image credit Odd Trondal

And here is the end result of the measurement of the supernova in the wavelenght of 401-550nm (astrodon II sloan g')

The setup used for the observations was:

Telescope SCT C14 T0.35m (2135mm focal length) : CCD -KAF3200XME (Sbig ST-10XME) – Paramount ME : exposures of 240s unguided (6x 240s).


Joao Gregorio