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2i/Borisov the interstellar comet

2i/Borisov the interstellar comet

This is he first comet and the second visitor to our solar system . It was discovered by a fellow amateur Gennadi Borisov in August 30 2019 using his 65cm mirror telescope.

I was waiting for an oportunity to try to take a "picture" of the fast traveling comet. As it is not a periodic comet he will not return.

Got everything setup on the Sep 29th, the weather prediction was good and had a short period after the target was at 30º elevation and dawn of another day. I manage to squeze 6 images of 3min each hopping I got the comet in the frames… it was !!!

The setup used was a Celestron C14 (0.35m) @F6 + CCD KAF3200ME (ST-10XME) Filter clear.

In the stack image on the top of the page we can see the comet's coma.

The lower image is an animation of the first 4 images and we can see it's motion.

Joao Gregorio