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Asteroid (60275) 1999 HX85

Asteroid (60275) 1999 HX85

This asteroid was discovered by LINEAR in Dec 9 1999.

Last night Oct 21 I got a few images of this asteroid.

The setup used was my remote observatory's 30cm SCT from Meade and the imager a SBIG ST-10XME with a resolution of 0.83"/px.

The asteroid was easily visible in the 300s exposure images in L filter.

In astrometrica we can see there is a small difference between the predicted red square and the true position in magenta.


From CoLiTec I got this nice animation of the asteroid.

Below we see the trail of the asteroid. I tried to stack the images in the asteroid position but unfortunately the asteroid was hidden behind a star trail.


Joao Gregorio

aka gregas