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Comet 59p / Kearns-Kwee

Comet 59p / Kearns-Kwee

This started to be a recovery attempt of comet 59p … and a sucessefull one, but I didn't knew someone had recoverd it already some days ago.

A recovery is when you spot a known comet that is returning once more for a turn around the Sun. It is still very faint because is to far away from the Sun.

I some times have a peek at see if there is one comet at the reach of my small equipment.

The setup I used for this difficult task was a small 0.3m aperture SCT @F5.56 compared with the larger telescopes scouting the sky looking for these small bodies.

On the 26th and 27th of September I made 11 images 300s each using a Blue cutting filter known as an exoplanet filter.

The animation below shows 4 of the best images revealing the path of the 59p comet. I use astrometrica

The comet is at the predicted orbital position but a lot faint that the 17mag it should be.


59P/Kearns–Kwee was discovered in 17 August 1963 by E. Kearns and Kiem King Kwee at the Palomar Observatory, California, USA

This is the 6th return since it was discovered, its period is 9.52 yr. The comet will be brightening until Sept 2018 when it reaches perihelion then it is expected to be brighter than 16mag.