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Hat-P-32b Transit

Hat-P-32b Transit

This is a well known exoplanet discovered by HAT-Net in 2011, it orbits a star 1044 ly away.

In the Hat-P-32 field there are a few more variables marked here in this finder.

Below is the plot I got last night (OCT 7th 2017)

During the session the sky was not perfect perhaps because of the smoke from the fires in the center and north of the country (that strangely start at night).

The equipment used was a 30cm SCT from MEADE, a KAF3200ME from a SBIG ST-10XME, all mounted on top of a stressed  to the limit G11 from Losmandy.

The photometric filter was an Rc-band from Custom Scientific and exposures of 180s.

This covered the full transit event and it agrees well with the predicted ephemeris.


click on the image to zoom.

In this joint plot we can see three of the variables in the field.

Here is a B-V index to help those who want to give a try at this exoplanet. Do not use the variables in the photometry 🙂

If you are interested in the txt from this observation contact me joao "." gregas at gmail…