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Supernova SN2017eaw in NGC 6946

Supernova SN2017eaw in NGC 6946

Supernova type IIP discovered in NGC 6946 the fireworks galaxy by Patrick Wiggins (USA) in 2017/05/14, located on the boarder between the Constellations Cygnus and Cepheus.

My observation is from 2017/06/06 23h30UT and the measurement is mag Rc 12.87 with an error of 0.028.

Session captured 5 images with 200s exposure that were averaged for photometry extraction.

The setup used was a Meade SCT 12" OTA on a Losmandy G11. CCD camera was a SBIG ST-10XME with a KAF3200ME. The filter a Bessell (Johnson/Cousins) Rc from Custom Scientific.

Camera FOV is 30×20' and resolution 0.82" / pixel.

Photometry used six stars with magnitudes extracted from the reference image from Odd Trondal available in the supernova page from

Below the Reference image From Odd Trondal

This galaxy gives a nice credit to it's name of Fireworks Galaxy harboring a few supernovas.

I only ploted 4 but 6 more were confirmed in a total of 10.

Joao Gregorio